Sunday, March 1, 2015

Easy way to remove waste from your betta tank - Cleaning a Betta Tank

Lets face it with a betta in a betta tank it isnt always necessary to do massive water changes.  Sometimes you may overfeed the betta or notice some betta waste lingering around the bottom of the tank.  So in stead of getting out the water changer hose and bucket.  Why not pull out a turkey baster.  You can suck out the uneaten food or betta poop without stressing out your betta or worrying about chlorine in your water. Plus what I love about the turkey baster is that you can get them for a dollar at the dollar store.

When buying a turkey baster for you betta tank make sure that it is large enough so that you don't have to put your hand in the water and make sure you keep it clean and free of cleaner before putting it in the tank.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Don't have indian almond leaves, look for this cheap safe alternative

Did you know if you can find indian almond leaves or don't want to pay $9 for 10 leaves then their is something you can use for about a 10th of the price.  You can use green tea decaffeinated bags.  You can boil water and put the tea bag in, I then wait until it cools to the temperature of the tank that i'm adding it to.

So what does tannin in the water do for your betta. the fish feel better, safer, and can help promote 
wellness.  You can also use small pieces of driftwood in your aquarium for your tanins as well.

How To Catch Your Betta Safely

betta fish tankTrying to catch your betta can be tough, but even if it's easy you could still hurt them or damage fins.  So how do you catch them?  I dont use a net unless it's my last option.

I save the cup from when i bought them and use that to scoop them up.  Then i walk past the tank they swim to the top and think they are gonna be fed so i lift the top like I'm feeding them and scoop them with the cup and thats all their is to it.  If you don't have a betta tank and still have yours in the cup please consider some of these betta fish tanks.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Betta Fish Tank - Betta Aquariums

Trying to find the right size betta fish tank is a hard struggle because their are so many types, style and sizes for you betta.  This decision can affect the overall health of your betta even in the long run.  Their are many betta fish tanks to choose from and some are sold as a kit and come with filters and heater built in and some do not.

Tetra Cube

betta aquarium

This tank is a great 3 gallon starter kit for your betta. It comes with a filter and a led light.  This tank is great because the filter doesn't create to much current so that your betta can still swim comfortably.  It measures 10" D x 10"W x 10.512"H.  So here is number one for a great betta fish tank.  You can add fake plants or even a heater to the aquarium to keeo it the nice 76 degrees Fahrenheit that bettas like.

You can buy this betta fish tank here

Back to the Roots AquaFarm 

betta aquarium

The AquaFarm combines a 3-gallon fish tank with a vegetable and herb grow bed into one closed-loop system that fits easily on any kitchen counter. The waste from the fish provides nutrients for the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish!  This betta fish tank helps you keep the herbs in the house and grows them really well.  Plus being 3 gallons its great for your betta fish and enough to allow a heater in the betta tank

You can buy yours here

Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

betta aquarium

Another aquarium you can use for a betta fish tank is this aquarium.   This is a 3 gallon aquarium and perfect size to add a heater.  It also features a great led system and glass top to keep your betta from jumping out.  The Marineland Contour Aquarium Kit with Rail Light provides a stylish and easy-to-use base for starting your new aquarium. This unique design features hidden, 3-stage filtration, daylight and moonlight LED settings, one RITE-SIZE Z filter cartridge and holds up to three gallons.